Kakuro Players Are Not Alone

Enthusiasts of puzzles like Kakuro have often been stereotypically portrayed as quiet individuals, engrossed in solving puzzles alone with a pencil and glasses perched on their noses. While some may fit this description perfectly, I believe that many dedicated Kakuro players break this mold.

In reality, numerous Kakuro aficionados likely welcome the opportunity to share the joy of Kakuro with others. For those Kakuro-loving socialites, fear not; there are ways to turn Kakuro into a social activity!

  1. Play It With Your Kids: Engage your children in the fun by playing together. Teamwork often results in faster puzzle-solving, creating an irreplaceable bonding experience for everyone involved.
  2. Compete: Challenge a friend and compete to finish a puzzle faster. For added excitement, consider placing a friendly bet on the outcome.
  3. Tournament Time: Initiate an office tournament, starting with an easy puzzle and progressing to more challenging ones in each round. Participants unable to complete the puzzle are eliminated, and the last person standing wins a prize—because who doesn’t love prizes?
  4. Team Up: If you can’t beat them, join them! Even if you can outpace others, teaming up can add an extra layer of fun. Choose a difficult puzzle that you doubt you could solve alone and collaborate with someone else, as two heads are often better than one.

Socialization doesn’t have to end when you turn to the computer. In addition to liberating Kakuro players from pencils and face-down book positions, the Internet offers a social outlet through:

  • Facebook Page: Join the Kakuro Facebook page to connect with like-minded players and participate in discussions.
  • Facebook Game: Play the online Kakuro game on Facebook, where you can connect with fellow players and share your experiences. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for providing this platform!
  • Comment and Engage: Don’t be shy; comment on posts and initiate conversations with others who share your interest.

So, the next time you crave a round of Kakuro but still want a social experience, consider using one of these techniques. If you have additional ideas, we’d love to hear them!