Books? Check. Internet? Check. Video Games? Check. Apps? Check. A chip installed in your brain allowing you to play Kakuro puzzles instantly when you think about it with no load time? Not quite.

Except for the extreme example of the brain chip, Kakuro has permeated almost all conceivable mediums for playing online Kakuro puzzles or the traditional paper versions. Phones, computers, Xboxes, PS3s, and Gameboys have all become platforms to indulge your Kakuro addiction and place digits all day.

Further Avenues for Playing Online Sudoku Puzzles and Kakuro Conquest

Despite Kakuro’s extensive integration into the technological landscape, there are still unexplored areas awaiting exploration. Let’s delve into these untapped possibilities to see if Kakuro Conquest (nominated for the “Cheesiest Statement of the Year”) could find a place in:


Imagine a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly publication featuring various Kakuro puzzles, stories, and profiles of intriguing Kakuro enthusiasts.

Product Placement

Picture Bruce Wayne engrossed in Kakuro as Alfred prepares his breakfast after a night of crime-fighting. Or envision Don Draper engaging in a mid-morning Kakuro session amidst his advertising executive duties. Perhaps Jeff Probst uses Kakuro as a test for survival on the island. The possibilities are limitless.


Similar to the magazine concept but in a digital format.


Studies suggest that the optimal time to play puzzle games is while driving—it’s science.


Why don’t airlines provide more entertainment on domestic flights than uninteresting magazines, catalogs, and the back of the vomit bag? Including a free booklet of puzzle games like Kakuro could cater to thinkers looking for entertainment.

Brain Chips

The brilliance of this idea speaks for itself. A challenging yet solvable problem that could potentially be addressed by tomorrow’s technology.

What are your thoughts? Do any of these ideas seem feasible? Do you have suggestions of your own? We’d love to hear them.

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